Meet Erin

I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in beautiful Wisconsin, but moved to San Antonio in 2010 after graduating from college with a degree in Art Education. 

My fondest childhood memories are times spent with my grandparents making sculptures from homemade play-dough, decorating mud pies in the back yard and creating chalk masterpieces in the driveway. As an adult I knew a creative field was a necessity for me, first in teaching art to middle schoolers, and now as a designer.

The Ink Flamingo is a mash up of my background in fine arts and graphic design, allowing me to fulfill both passions. Focusing on invitations and other pieces for special events, I love to have fun with different styles, from bold and graphic, to handmade and rustic.

In my free time I'm the girl that pulls out the paints or learns calligraphy for fun. I also enjoy spending time outside with my husband, and cuddling with our English Bulldogs, Raleigh and Rory.